Busy, busy, busy

Warm again already this morning. We had a brief storm yesterday after dinner but no thunder or lightning. The wind just stirred up incredibly strong while I stood fretting over Mama Robin in her nest. I wanted to go and shelter her somehow! Obviously I didn’t and I know I can’t but I really, really wanted to. She’s fine, still doing her sitting on her eggs duty. Since my tree overhangs the neighbor’s yard, I need to put a sign on the fence to make them aware of Mr. and Mrs. Robin’s presence. Weeds and grass in their yard is about a foot and a half high. I don’t want them to be weed eating the same day baby birds are learning to fly!

And speaking of weeds, I did major weed removal in one corner of my garden yesterday. It was way easier than I thought it would be! There’s something to be said about letting the weeds grow big before pulling them 🙂 All work halted however when Charlotte joined me and plopped down directly in front of me. The cool dirt must have felt good on her. She’s so darn cute I let her stay! And because I hate the guilt of telling her to go away, I eventually said “Let’s go get a treat!” and off she went, lol.

We never did go get a treat.

But anyway, back to my garden beds. They’re raised. The dirt in my yard is clay. So when I decided I wanted a garden some 15 years ago (OMG! Has it been that long??), my bf at the time built the most wonderful raised sides from steel I beam. . . . I’m not sure if that’s literally what it’s called. It’s just what I call it. We filled those beds with a wonderful mix of compost, black dirt, sand, peat, perlite, all kinds of stuff and I now have, and have had for a long time, the best dirt! How do I know that? It’s full of worms which are a sign of healthy soil. I’m proud to say it’s also 100% organic. I’ve never used chemical fertilizers or pesticides and NEVER will. They’re not necessary and why would I want to poison my food and the environment??

I was out this morning finishing prep on the one corner planned for the remaining pea shoots when a little toad huddled under the edge scared me! I’m sure I scared him too. I quickly scooped him up and relocated him. I have toads all over my yard, some as big as my fist, others small enough to sit on a Toonie. In fact, every night before it’s dark, I go out and fill various lids and plates (because they’re shallow) with fresh water for the toads. I’ll be doing it until October!

Wow. Apparently I’m in a mood to write even though I know most people are not in a mood to read, lol. I’ll say it again. I’m so new to blogging, right now all it really is for me is another form of journaling. I’m okay with less than 10 followers 🙂

I moved the furniture in my sewing area last night. And I’m glad I did! I think it will provide a more functional work space. I’ll continue on with organizing my denim, packing up my Kijiji room, weeding the garden (if the mosquitoes leave me alone!) and any of the one hundred other things I have to do!

Enjoy your weekend! See you back here on Monday. I’m taking tomorrow off. NO computer. At all! If I tell myself this enough times, maybe I’ll actually accomplish it. What the heck did we do before we ever had computers?? We survived. One day should be a breeze.

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