Denim Disaster

It’s already 18 degrees this morning (10:30 right now, it will be later by the time I post this). The thundershowers we keep expecting just never happen and that’s fine by me. Lightning accompanies thunder and that’s disastrous for the forest fire situation. Obviously I have concern for the people and properties affected by fire and my best wishes for safety are always with them. Being the “odd” person I am, I also think about those poor critters unable to escape: baby birds that can’t fly, toads that just can’t hop fast enough, bumble bee nests, all of it. And I’m bothered again writing about it! Subject change.

My living room is a disaster area. What began as a simple task of cutting up jeans turned into a mission to go through every bin I have (of jeans) to organize them once and for all. I’ve actually made some progress but the scene will get uglier before I’m done. I literally have hundreds of pairs of jeans. I found the cutest Winnie the Pooh pair and now have to make a shopping bag using them! I have Winnie the Pooh flannel too! It’s perfect. And you can see how easily I get off track. . . . check out the snap on that pocket!


Okay, I’ll dial down my excitement a touch 🙂 I managed to put 12 of 25 pea shoots into the garden. I ditched the planter idea. I’ll get to the remaining shoots today. I’ll carry on with the denimolition too. I also need to rearrange furniture and pack more stuff in my “Kijiji” room. Yes, I have a small, spare bedroom I actually call my Kijiji Room. You guessed it. It’s FULL of things to get rid of. I admit I am a pack rat. The craft supplies alone boggles my mind.

But I won’t get started on that topic. I’ll leave it for another post. Yipee. Bet you can’t wait! Have a fabulous Friday everyone!

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