Leave well enough alone!

Oh brother. I had some technical difficulties this morning. When I came on to do a post, my site was blank! Talk about having a minor heart attack. And then all I could see was smiley faces, pictures, blog titles, links and italic and bold lettering. Everything else was gone!

Naturally, I searched for an answer why.

I found a section that mentioned static front pages. . . . and fiddled around where I maybe shouldn’t have. I’m tired, my eyes are burning and I’ve developed a crick in my neck somehow. So not in the mood for fixing things, or messing up my site more than I just did. I should have left it alone to begin with. Don’t you just hate it when you know better but still ignore your instincts?

Our weather forecast is promising a blazing 25 degrees this afternoon. Too hot for this chick! Don’t get me wrong, I like the sun, enjoy it even (under the right circumstances). I am a gardener after all and we need it but I don’t prefer heat. A blue sky and sunshine on a crisp fall day is more to my liking. Winter is even better!

But before I become sidetracked with other topics, I will say my plans for today are cutting up jeans (because my sewing machines are still problematic) and transplanting my pea shoots. I’ll also hopefully make a wonderful chole palak for my sister. It’s a spinach and chick pea dish, very yummy!

See you all tomorrow! 🙂 I wish everyone a lovely day!

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