Writing a post is easy. Titling it is the hard part.

After at least a week with no sign of Mr. and Mrs. Robin, I had hoped they’d realized the folly of their ways and moved elsewhere. But 15 minutes ago I spotted Mrs. Robin settling into the poorly chosen location of their nest. Darn. Now I have to worry all over again. And I have to resurrect the barricade to keep my dogs away from that particular tree. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have concern for little things like a baby bird’s safety. Or a toad’s well-being. Or even sucking a spider up with the vacuum (I did that the other day before I saw it and I felt bad, lol). I suppose I am odd (let’s go with that word) but I can’t help it. I am who I am.

I was out by 5:08 this morning for a LONG overdue walk with my dogs. I very quickly remembered why I detest the pavement and ended up hiking in the bush although I knew the dogs would end up quite dirty. And they did. A good rinse (or three!) with the watering can from my garden took care of that! I’ll try to go again tomorrow as my sister has challenged me to achieve 30 days in a row. I know that’s not going to happen but I’d be satisfied with 20 or more. Out of 30. Not in a row. I’m being realistic here.

I keep thinking it’s Monday but it’s Tuesday. On my agenda for today is cooking and baking (all vegan and yummy) for my sister. Her husband will pick it up later as he works nearby. In the organic gardening department, I need to transplant my pea shoots so they have somewhere to “vine up”. I think I’ll pot them and put them on my deck. I’ve ditched completion of my owl shopping bag for an Oscar the Grouch shopping bag because I do believe I have a better idea for finishing it off! I will also resume production of the Montreal Canadiens denim quilt for my brother. I decided not to make my niece anything. She simply won’t appreciate the value in a handmade item and that makes any effort uber massively unappealing.

I wish everyone a happy and successful week! 🙂

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