It’s going to be a bad year for mosquitoes. I can tell. Or maybe it’s bad for us and good for the mosquitoes? Depends on how you look at it I suppose. Either way, in a matter of 20 seconds, I’m surrounded by a buzzing swarm of the pesky things! Whoever named bugs bugs hit the nail on the head. I manage about 2 minutes uprooting dandelions (it’s actually probably only 30 seconds) and then I have to come inside. I refuse to use chemical laden, cancer causing repellents and natural alternatives don’t function so well. Yard work will have to wait for the hours when the mosquitoes are much less annoying, early morning maybe. I’ll make an assessment tomorrow.

For now, I’ll seek refuge indoors. Leroy and Charlotte, my loyal hounds, must be sequestered too. Charlotte is fine with it, she’s currently sprawled out on the living room floor attempting to snooze. Leroy would prefer to be on the deck only because he doesn’t understand the dire situation. I can’t allow him to be eaten alive! 🙂

I have plenty of sewing to do so I’m good with being in also. I have the handles and band close to being ready to attach to the body of the reusable shopping bag I’m fabricating. Since this is only the 4th one I’ve made, I’ve learned more “to-do’s” and “not-to-do’s”. The trick is to write them down!

I’ll sign off for the night and wish everyone it applies to a happy Victoria Day long weekend! It’s generally the first weekend of camping and gardening. I know what I’ll be doing.

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