Up with the birds

Five in the morning seems to be when I wake up once spring is here. I’m not exactly an early bird but if I can’t sleep, I reluctantly get out of my warm and cozy bed. Leroy, my 6 year old long-haired German Shepard mix, is always willing to rise and shine. He’s been out on the deck for a good hour and a half already (speak of the devil, he just came in). Charlotte, my 4 year old Boston Terrier mix, hates getting up early as proven by the lump she currently is under her blanket.

There are advantages to rising early. It’s quiet. No ringing phone. No kids making noise in the neighborhood. The heat of the day has not struck yet. And I can accomplish a lot if I focus.

Yesterday, after a brief fight to keep my computer turned off, I ended up watching Drop Dead Diva (via Netflix) while sewing. As I mentioned previously, the Montreal Canadiens quilt (for my brother) is on hold. I have to was going to design a quilt for my niece who’s turning 18 soon. I decided she won’t appreciate it and now have no clue what to make her, if anything. I worked on a reusable shopping bag instead!

While I have many shopping bags in mind, this is only the 4th one that’s come to fruition (almost). I’ve run out of the lighter denim and have to scour my inventory for a precise match. Handles and a band around the top are all that needs doing. It will be one of my own bags, not one to sell because I like the recycling theme and the super, cool pocket is from an old pair of my jeans 🙂





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