Wonderful Wednesday! :)

I failed miserably yesterday with my attempt at NO computer. But if I try, try again, I’ll eventually have success. Maybe today will be Wi-fi Free. After I publish this post of course.

It will be a short post. I’ve updated two of my pages (Montreal Canadiens Denim Quilt and Organic Gardening) and don’t really have anything else to say. Some days are chatty. Some days not so much.

I have to work today and absolutely should be getting a move on before it’s hot. Whatever you’re up to, I hope you enjoy it! And NOW I really will turn my computer off for 24 hours! Yes. Yes I will. (that’s me talking myself into it)

** It’s now the end of my day and I obviously have not been successful at staying off the computer! I think the trick is to not even turn it on in the morning! So that will be my next plan of attack.

I was feeling slightly discouraged earlier when someone said to me I had better things to do than blogging. I said I enjoyed it, it’s very similar to making entries in a diary. Their retort was “You don’t write about anything!”. It bruised me a bit. I’ve had time to contemplate such a thoughtless comment and perhaps to them I don’t write about anything interesting. And that is A-okay. No one can please everyone. What I write about is of interest to me.

I’ve only been at this for 2 weeks. I’m sure I have plenty to learn! 3 new followers tonight was an unexpected boost to my spirits and I’d like to thank everyone who follows or likes “me” or even just stops by for a look-see.


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