Technology Free Tuesday

I tried this earlier in the year and, like most resolutions, I ended up forgetting about it. That would be my attempt to leave my computer alone for an entire day once or twice a week! It’s a crazy world filled with gizmos and gadgets. Apparently no one can survive without their cell phone! Or iPad. Or tablet. Or whatever they’re called. I only ever had the most basic cell phone. I gave it up over a year ago and I missed it initially but now hardly ever consider it.

Nothing drives me more nuts than the constant sight of people on their cell phones; in restaurants, walking down the street, while driving! (that one REALLY irks me, I usually yell “Get off your f’n cell phone!” but they don’t notice me)you name it. I always know when my sister is preoccupied when we talk on the phone. Why can’t anyone disengage from their gadget for two cotton pickin’ minutes in order to give the person they’re speaking to their undivided attention? People. The loved ones in our lives. That’s what’s important.

SO this morning I’m going to try again! After I publish this post, I’m going to turn my computer off. That’ll mean no Netflix and no Drop Dead Diva 😦 I’m addicted to that show but it’s not going anywhere.

I have plenty to do today. Major yard work which includes relocating the toads I uncover. Housework. Organize what I call my Kijiji room (yes, a room filled with stuff to get rid of). Design a denim quilt for my niece (and then I have 16 days to get it made!). Dishes. I could write more but I’m getting overwhelmed. Smaller to-do list equals better chance of completing it.

I’ll be back tomorrow! 🙂

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