Merry Monday!

Leroy, never far away, is lying directly behind my chair at this moment. I typically hate disturbing my dogs so I’ll add a new post instead. It’s crazy how uncomfortable or inconvenienced we make ourselves for our beloved pets! I’ll always do it though. I figure their lives are decidedly much shorter than ours, why not spoil them? All too soon they’ll be gone.

I’ve accomplished something this morning! I’ve been sewing the Montreal Canadiens denim quilt. I have an apple crisp in the oven to take to my sister later. I’ve also begun barricading off the section of yard around the willow tree Mr. and Mrs. Robin are nesting in. Earlier, I could tell Charlotte was watching Mrs. Robin quite intently as her head was clearly bobbing up and down while she rearranged the nest. I don’t want my dogs bothering them.

I’m probably going to put the MC quilt aside as I realized my niece’s 18th birthday is only 18 days away! I’ve had an idea for making her a denim quilt too, perhaps with her name appliqued on it. Or that might be kind of dorky. Won’t she be excited!? 18 and getting a quilt 🙂 She graduates on June 12th however. . . . so maybe the quilt would be better for then. I’ll have to ponder the issue. I can make her a shelf for her birthday. Also very exciting for an 18 year old! I don’t think young people appreciate the thought and effort behind handmade gifts. They want money, lol.

Okay, Leroy is gone, Charlotte is sort of in his place but I can move my chair. Both my sewing machines are working well now. It’s my iron that’s causing grief and that I can not fix. It’s the wiring. If I jiggle the cord enough, it will function, mostly. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Why is that phrase so true? I can find the silver lining though. An iron is much easier to replace than a sewing machine!

Enough chattering, I’m going outside to uncover my seedlings. Many are now showing. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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