Happy Mother’s Day!

Whether they have the two, or four-legged kind, of kids, I wish all the mothers today (and every day) lots of love and joy.

Crisis averted. I think. I’m a stubborn sort who hates having to hire others to fix things like gummed up sewing machines. I very minorly took my sewing machine apart last night and am hoping it will be fine now! I haven’t tried it yet. I’m afraid to find out it’s still buggered.

GD crows are eating my bird seed!! As I sat here and wrote, I could hear the squawking of a crow. Naturally I had to get up and check my bird feeder. Okay, it’s just a piece of plywood on a metal post, completely accessible to whatever wants to land on it, but the sunflower seeds are intended for my chickadees and nuthatches! And there was a crow on there eating it! One good bang on the window and it flew away. It will be back. Grrr. Where’s my bb gun? (JUST kidding) I don’t have one and even I did, I wouldn’t really use it. I actually feed the crows old bread and stuff, they need food too as long as it’s not my bird seed 🙂

I noticed a robin building a nest in a very poor choice of location this morning. I have a row of 5 willow trees, all of which need to be topped because they’re WAY too tall and shade my back yard. My garden is in my back yard. Therefore, the willows are a problem. Now I’m going to have to wait while Mr. and Mrs. Robin have their babies and those babies fly away. In the meantime, I will stress over it. When it’s windy and rainy, will they be getting wet? Will the GD squirrels be destroying the eggs?! Will the babies fall from the tree where cats can get them? I have a cat!! I don’t need or want this anxiety.

I love nature and always lend a helping hand if necessary (I’ll tell you my pigeon story one day. I have a squirrel story too :)) I do know NOT to go near a bird’s nest! I had robins in a tree in my front yard many, many years ago. One of the babies was an albino. It was very cool to see! The day it was learning to fly it ended up on the ground, vulnerable to various dangers. I called some kind of bird sanctuary/rescue place here in town and they came and captured the baby immediately. They said it would be tagged and set free up at our local university. I felt good. It was safe. And then mother robin chirped all day for her baby. I felt awful!! Really, truly awful. Even now I feel bad all over again even though those robins are long gone.

Okay! Super extended post for today when all I meant to write was Happy Mother’s Day, my sewing machine is fixed (I hope!) and I found a great article on tags (because they’re still a bit confusing to this brand new blogger of less than 2 weeks).

I haven’t even gotten to the tags yet! Here’s a link for anyone having trouble figuring them out https://managewp.com/how-to-tag-effectively


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