Gooood morning!

Sun and mid 20 temperatures are forecasted for the next week. It would be nice if this truly happens because it will surely get my little seedlings going. I checked them this morning and the mustard greens have sprouted! In fact, they likely sprouted yesterday judging by the height of them. There’s no sign of life anywhere else but that will change in a hurry. Yay.

I’ve been outside already, did a bit of raking, freaked out slightly when I noticed a fence board down and thought Leroy was gone (he was a runner when he was a puppy so the paranoia is always present), fed my chickadees and nuthatches (no, they’re not in cages) some sunflower seeds and hung my hummingbird feeder. I fill it with boiled, sugar water, no need to buy that awful red dyed mix! Food coloring (unless it’s natural) isn’t good for us OR the animals we feed.

I’ll be home all day as Saturdays are generally when I avoid town, way too busy and I can’t stand the hustle and bustle. Along with working on my denim, cow, couch quilt and matching pillow cover, I’ve begun the Montreal Canadiens quilt for my brother. I didn’t find a 6th t-shirt. My aunt in Victoria, B.C., who’s a Montreal Canadiens fan also, sent me one. I’ve ironed a layer of cotton fabric onto the back of each t-shirt front and can play around with layout. Choosing the denims to go with will be the next step. I love seeing how an idea in my head turns into something tangible.

But now I’m off to give Charlotte’s legs a washing! Fooling around in the dewy back yard is a dirty business 🙂 I couldn’t deny her an early morning crazy run though. It gives me joy to see her having fun. Leroy’s feet are just as dirty but he’s content to stay outside. Charlotte needs a “bath” because she’ll be wanting to come in for a snooze. That dog would sleep 18 hours a day if she could!

And completely off topic, does a ‘tag’ have to be an actual word used within that specific post? Can anyone (like anyone is following me! lol) answer this for me?

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