Not so sunny day

Well it’s a cloudy day. So much for the forecast! It’s hardly ever correct, I don’t know why I bother checking it anymore. Overcast still isn’t rain and I can’t complain really. My seed pots are outside, it’s important they have air. It will be exciting when they begin sprouting and even more so when I can transplant them to the garden. Yay.

I will continue on with my denim quilts (cow and cat) this morning and hopefully most of the afternoon. I’d like to finish the Big Bad John’s shopping bag also. I should have a certain measure of success if I FOCUS. It’s too easy to become distracted with yard work. Every time I take the dogs into the back, I begin raking and whatnot. Half an hour later, I remember I’m supposed to be inside sewing! My attention span can be short 🙂


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