Focus, Jodie, focus!

The sun is shining brightly again after a dismal Monday and Tuesday. It’s supposed to last through the following 5 days. I must take advantage of the better natural lighting to sort through my denim! I often get stuck working on a quilt because I can’t see well enough. Lamps, no matter how many, no matter how strategically placed, just don’t offer the same conditions. Sometimes I can coordinate 4 different shades in 5 minutes or less. Other times, it takes me ages to find the right ones. I’m very particular when choosing denim for each new quilt.

I’m continuing on with my Cow quilt this morning afternoon (I’m taking too long getting this post done!). I was wrong when I said my sewing table was 4 feet wide. It’s only 3 feet wide. Once a quilt is larger than this, I begin to have trouble. Fortunately though, I have a very big bedroom (currently a junk room) I’m planning on turning into my sewing room by winter. I’m also planning on building myself a custom sewing table. I will never again have difficulty laying a quilt out! I can hardly wait!

In the meantime, perhaps I’ll put a temporary table out on my deck. I’ve done it before and it’s pretty handy as long as it doesn’t rain 🙂 Of course, the wind is another story. Darn. I forgot about the wind. Well anyway, I’m in my living room for now. It’s where my denim is and I need to go through it. Quit jacking around and get working!!


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