Does having a to-do list work for you?

Following a rather lazy Sunday, I’ve concocted a detailed to-do list for Monday.

  1. prepare garden for carrots, beets and radishes and possibly potatoes
  2. pick up leaf piles (they’re killing the grass!)
  3. continue working on Cow quilt
  4. attempt different handles for the Big Bad John’s denim shopping bag
  5. and of course there are the usual chores like laundry and dishes

This may have the appearance of a simple list. It is only 5 things after all. However, my garden is a disaster! My leaf piles are massive and many! And you don’t understand the constant struggle I have with dishes (too much cooking!) I’ve probably made my list overly ambitious. I’m a sporadic writer of to-do lists because I generally never get them done and then I just feel bad. I’ve “cheated” sometimes and created lists with a maximum of maybe 3 items and it was great to check them all off. As long as I ignored the fact that those 2 or 3 things were usually super easy 🙂

If it’s not raining I should spend the entire day outside. If it’s raining I can get plenty of sewing done (as long as I leave Netflix alone!)

Whatever the case, rain or shine, I have to accomplish something tomorrow! Right now, I’m going to carry on with the laziness and watch more Downton Abbey (my new favorite show) and hit the hay early. I hope all of you have a wonderful and productive week!

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