Sunny day!

Good morning! It’s a gloriously beautiful day so far although we did have a touch of frost overnight. My dogs are settled outside on the deck (they’re mainly inside dogs) and I’m ready to do some tweaking! Of this site. I’ve been told not to use so many exclamation marks but I suppose I’m a tad eager still with only having had this blog for 2 days. I’m not yelling when I use an exclamation mark, I’m simply excited. Perhaps that will wear off in time. I guess we’ll see.

But anyway, I need to figure out how to make my menu easier for people to find. I’ve had 2 likes! Whoo hoo! Yep, 2 more exclamation marks. At least I’m refraining from using the ‘lol’. I was warned about that also. But how does someone know when you’re laughing when it’s all in written form? I tend to like the ‘lol’. . . . .

Okay, I’m getting off track again. If you become a regular follower, you will quickly learn this is how my mind functions. I flit from one thing to another, often forgetting my original aim.

This morning I need to fill my seed pots (refer to my ‘Organic gardening’ page if this is of interest to you) and fiddle around on here some more. I figured out how to do tags last night!

11:42 am – I just did another entry to today’s post about half an hour ago but there was an error and it disappeared before I could publish it! So here I am again. I’ve managed to fill all 111 seed pots and now have to determine which seeds go in which pots. I’ve been doing laundry, dishes and vacuuming. I’ve gabbed on the phone. I’ve been on here. I really need to do some sewing as well!

My dogs have been in and out several times. Usually when I start the vacuum and Leroy is outside, he immediately comes inside. I’ll turn around and there he is. I can’t figure out why. Unlike Charlotte who barks at and bites the power head, he doesn’t do anything. SO why come in just because I began vacuuming? He only gets in the way and has to be told to move.

Anyhoo, enough chatter I suppose. I came on to post a couple new pictures on my ‘Organic gardening’ page and then I must make a smoothie. I’m famished! (I can’t help it, the exclamation marks simply happen)

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