Sun is gone. . . .

It’s 2:20 pm and I have to be in town in an hour! I’m meeting my sister for an early dinner. But I’ve been busy creating another page for this site and have yet to get ready! Yikes. I better get a move on. I just realized I will need to write posts that pertain to my pages because I can’t put tags on the pages.

So here’s mention of my new page 🙂 ‘Bags-that-are and bags-to-be’ is about what else? Yep! Bags. Reusable shopping bags to be precise. Made from repurposed denim and t-shirts. I make sure there’s a pocket inside each bag and sometimes there will even be one on the outside.

And that’s all the time I have for now. I can’t be late meeting my sister. She wouldn’t be a happy camper!


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