Having a blog is much like Facebook

Another day has gone by and I realized something earlier. Having a blog is like having a Facebook page. It’s just open to the whole world rather than select friends and family. It seems ironic to me that I’m jumping into this new world when I’ve never truly embraced my own FB page. I’ve always kind of resisted it. I am not one of those trigger happy people who has 2, 548 friends. I only have 19 or so. I actually rarely go on my FB page and I’ve never really been one to post too much for my status. Other than the phases where I was wild about vegan cooking and baking bread with a sourdough starter. And my dogs. But nothing truly personal.

Now here I am writing to potentially hundreds, even thousands, of strangers (lofty dreams, eh?!). I think the appeal to having a blog is the idea that I might connect with others who have the same passions I do. It would be great to share stories and trade knowledge. I suppose, upon contemplating it right this moment, that I could connect with others by visiting various forums (is that even the correct word? It’s not something I do) but blogging feels like a good step. I’m not sure why. It just does. As with most everything in life, time will tell. Perhaps I’ll feel much differently down the road. For now, I’m happy where I’m going.

And to change the subject completely, here’s what I can see of my dog, Charlotte, as she snoozes on the bed next to me.


There’s not much I don’t smile at where she’s concerned. She’s wrapped up in her Barbie blanket. Heaven forbid she’s not wrapped up in her blanket! I usually have to tuck her in as she makes nothing but a mess digging around! Leroy sleeps on the floor. He is not the bed bug Charlotte is. And thank goodness! He’s far too big and Charlotte already occupies half the bed!

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