Final post for May 1st

For the time being I’m going to remain with this theme. It’s growing on me. Aside from getting ready to start some seeds indoors (you know what I mean if you’ve seen my ‘Organic gardening’ page), I’ve also worked on another page called ‘How I became a vegan’. It’s currently saved as a draft.

I’ve been cautioned against having too many subjects on my site but I’m going to throw that to the wind. The way I look at it is if someone doesn’t like it, they’re free to go elsewhere. I’m not forcing anyone to read one single word on my site. Being so new to this whole blogging thing (blog comes from the word weblog, I found that out when I Googled it) has made it feel like more of a journal right now anyway. I have no followers (my sister doesn’t count) and it could be months and months before I do. Right now it doesn’t even matter (I wouldn’t turn any away though!). I’m simply having fun fiddling around with it.

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