1st post for May 1st

I was correct. I did jump the gun. I was just so excited to be putting a long, overdue thought finally into motion.

Late last night I decided the theme I’ve chosen is too basic. I want a theme with more. I like sites that have each category along the top of the main page. Perhaps this particular theme has that option but if it does I haven’t figured it out. So today I’m going to try a different theme. No one has discovered me yet anyway so I’m guessing I’ll have plenty of time to clean up any mess I make. Good luck to me!

** My 3 posts from yesterday are out of order. I didn’t publish them out of order, they ended up that way because I fiddled with the time zone. I think. I don’t know. It annoys me though. Totally clueless, Uh oh and (obviously) Post 3 for today are the order they should be in.

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