Uh oh. . . . .

Okay, this is proving to be way more difficult than I’d originally thought. I’ve always been a “just click here and there and figure it out” computer person. I consider myself to be fairly intelligent, lol, and have generally gotten where I needed to go. In the computer world that is.

Shortly after I wrote my first post, I actually Googled “couch quilts”, something I’d never done before. Pinky swear. I was surprised to see that couch quilts already exist. I wanted to write again to apologize to anyone who may take offense at my first post. I honestly did one day think to myself that the term “couch quilt” sounded catchy and I was going to call my quilts couch quilts. I’m not trying to copy anyone. I’m very stubborn that way.

It would be why I’m still having trouble determining the best method for finishing off a quilt. Now I KNOW I can Google it and watch umpteen videos on how to do so but I want my quilts to be 100% me. So far all of my designs are ME and me only. I sit down with a piece of paper and draw out my pattern. OR I design the pattern as I sew each new piece onto a quilt. I want the edges to be finished off by myself as well. . . . . probably stubbornly stupid but I am who I am 🙂

I’m also having a hard time navigating this whole beginning a new site thing. . . . . I have about 10 tabs open right now, all WP, trying to figure out what I’ve done and how it looks. Is it even online?? I have no idea. I guess you could say I’m still totally clueless! It’s fortunate I have the stubborn element going for me because I simply have to succeed!

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